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AirBrush_20160717084727The past three months have been filled with many events. The month of May was filled with a match every weekend. I traveled to Alabama to shoot a one day match at Alabama Precision, then to Florida to CORE Shooting for the MPA PRS match and then off to Tennessee for the K&M Precision Rifle PRS Match.

June was filled with a couple matches and my Vista Outdoor Ambassador Summit. I traveled to Childersburg Alabama to participate in the Alabama Precision PRS Remington match. 20160610_170858 (1) This was the match where on the way, my Husbands truck caught fire! Somehow the muffler fell on to the spare tire and poof!! When we arrived in Childersburg we had smoke bellowing out from underneath. Luckily for us, when we pulled over (and after tossing out rifles, ammo and everything else), the Nissan dealership employees came running over with a fire extinguisher and got the fire out! We had the opportunity to meet and shake the hands of the local police department and the Childersburg Fire Department. The Alabama Precision PRS match itself was a fun one. For two days we shot in extreme heat. We had a great squad and Bradley Allen took the Win!  As soon as the match was over, I had to jump on a plane and head to Kansas where then I was shuttled off to Missouri for Vista Outdoors Ambassador Summit.20160616_113450 It was great learning more about Bushnell, Hoppes and all the other brands that Vista Outdoor owns. That week was filled with alot of great, indepth information as well as camaraderie with other Ambassadors of the Vista Outdoor brands. We all stayed at the beautiful East Fork Lodge. Mornings were filled with coffee, lectures and product info with the afternoons filled with lots of shooting! 20160613_201049One of the highlights of that trip was the Amish buggy ride. We were treated to a buggy ride to tour the property and the ride itself was nothing short of an adventure. We came upon a hill (quite a few afterwards) and the horses decided they weren’t going to pull all of us up. So myself including John Scoutten and Michael Waddell wound up trekking up the hill ourselves. It was really hilarious!! I really met alot of wonderful people on that trip.

June was also the month that I competed in the Big Dog Steel Precision Rifle Team match in Cookeville TN with none other than my Bossman Tom Fuller of Armageddon Gear and Team GAP/Bushnell teammate. The sun was hot and beating down on us those two days but we wound up placing 14th out of 38 teams.  13254371_10207059182459520_2671012624677702437_n

July gave me a little bit of down time as I vacationed in Florida the first week with my family, but then I was back to training upon arriving at home. Jim and I both competed in CORE Shooting Solutions one day match in mid July where I came in 3rd place.  The month of July ended on a high note for me and my husband, as we both picked up a new sponsor, the coveted Berger Bullets. download (9) I have been shooting the Berger Bullet 105gr Hybrid this past year since I got picked up by GA Precision. I have had nothing but satisfactory performance with it and I am super proud to be representing this company. Have I mentioned how the Blackwidow (the name of my GAP rifle) just loves Berger??  My custom built 6 Creedmoor GA Precision team rifle has the Templar V2 SA with a Manners Composite Stock MCS-EHT GAP elite, Bartlein 25″ fluted barrel with a Timney Trigger and American Precision Arms Little Bastard G2 brake. I have my Bushnell Elite XRS 4.5-30 optic mounted on top and all this beauty is always maintained with Hoppe‘s #9. Though the summer has been super busy, I am going to do a much better job of keeping this blog updated with gear reviews, match reviews and of course, maybe a few coffee reviews!  Until next time……..20160613_082801

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A Girl & A Gun National Training Conference, Marble Falls TX


A Girl & A Gun National Training Conference was held at the facilities of Copperhead Creek Shooting Facilities in Marble Falls Texas April 29-May1. A Girl & A Gun has many Chapters throughout the United States. A Girl and A Gun is a ladies-only organization established by women shooters for women shooters for pistol, rifle, and shotgun sports!

A few months ago, I was asked if I would be interested in being the Lead Instructor for teaching ladies precision mg9rifle competition shooting. Of course, I jumped at this opportunity. To be able to teach, train and share my passion of long range shooting with other females was just a pure blessing.  The class I taught was “Intro to Precision Rifle competitions”.  Jim was going to tag along with me to the event, but he had a class of his own to teach in Utah.  So, Texas bound here I come!


With my sweet friend and partner in crime, Candice Horner

Candice Horner was asked to teach the long range natural terrain class. I met Candice a few months ago at a PRS match and she was really sweet. So I was excited to get to spend a few days with her in Texas & get to know her more. What I come to realize during my time with her is that, this girl is just like me!! Wicked sense of humor, no nonsense and all around great person. When I arrived in Texas that Thursday, Candice and I went to dinner. The loaner rifles for my class were heavier rifles and kicked really hard and not really what a female would want to shoot in a match. Plus one was a top feeder rifle. A Girl & A Gun organizers didn’t know our competition rifles are much different than hunting rifles.  The loaner rifles from A Girl & A Gun was not what we shoot in matches and I really didn’t want to scare any of the new shooters away from this wonderful sport. Candice was teaching Long Range Natural Terrain and she suggested we combine our classes and my ladies could use the rifles she brought. Plus, her rifles were more competition style.  I agreed and both of us started making phone calls to make sure it was okay with everyone.  Candice and I were both teaching long range and together we would make this one dynamic class.

We started each morning around 9:00 am. I was nervous and excited for this but I really wanted to do a great job and make everyone proud.  Candice and I explained to the ladies the basics of Long Range shooting. We covered topics such as the basic understanding of the scope, the ballistics of the bullet, Mil vs. MOA, and Wind. It was really difficult to try to cram all this information into a 3 hr class, but we sure tried!  Next we had each lady come up to the line and got them behind the rifle so they could shoot the steel targets that ranged anywhere from 200 yrds out to 600 yrds.  Just the sheer excitement that most women had when they would the steel ring was well worth this trip and weekend.


With other instructors at the Bang-quet. Candice Horner, myself, Diane Muller, & Tatiana Whitlock.

Friday evening was a “Bang-quet” for all attendees and instructors. It was a lot of fun to see each of the ladies that won door prizes. Candice and I had a great time as we were accompanied by Sam Adams….hee hee hee.


With my Bushnell gear, XRS 4.5-30 scope and Fusion 1 mile Arc Laser range finders.

The whole weekend was such a great experience. It was such a wonderful feeling to be able to see the joy the women had when hitting those long distance targets. Huge Thanks to my partner in crime, Candice Horner for helping make this a great experience. Big Thanks also to Julianna Crowder and Robyn Sandoval for putting in all their hardwork and making this a great experience for all. You guys rock!! As always, my biggest heartfelt Thank you to my wonderful sponsors, GA Precision, Armageddon Gear, Bushnell & Hoppes, you all help make a lot of this possible for me.  To learn more about A Girl & A Gun, please visit their website at

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20160416_133649I received a phone call from a dear friend of mine asking if I would be interested in speaking to a group of women at a female firearm event. Of course I was interested. I had been wanting to get my feet wet in the motivational public speaking arena this past year. Well, here was my chance! Heather Burleson, was spearheading a “fashion show” that would feature a few speakers along with a keynote speaker, followed by a fashion show which had ladies modeling different holsters and ways to conceal carry. I loved the concept especially since it benefitted a worthy cause, Building Homes for Heroes. I gave Heather a call and we talked about her idea. I LOVED it! But there was a concern…How the heck, what the heck was I going to talk about?!! I could share my story of trials and triumphs in my journey of Precision Rifle Shooting and maybe help motivate other women to follow their passion.  I had a story but how was I going to tell it and relay it to 100s of people……would they get it? Would they feel every word I spoke?   I was honored to be chosen to come speak, but I was really scared deep down inside. I write and keep a journal basically of all my shooting experiences and relay these into stories that I will publish on my personal blog or its published on Snipers Hide or Sure Shots online magazine. How am I going to relay this same message, but speak it? I will admit, nervousness can bring out some chatter in me!! My boss and good friend Tom Fuller has had many speaking engagements before and he could sense my nervousness. “Let me help you write your speech Miss” Those words were magical to me!! With guidance and a few thoughts, I was ready!

My sister Barbie and her Husband Adrian came down to my house to make the journey with my Husband Jim and I for my speaking engagement. After the 4 hour drive, we arrived at the condo that we rented for the weekend and I immediately started practicing my speech over and over. We went to the facility, Shoreline Church, where the event was being held. It was good to see where and how everything was going to work the next day. That evening, my Husband and family joined Justin & Claire Anderson along with their friend at McGuires for some great food and fellowship! 20160415_202304If you have never eaten there, you MUST. I couldn’t decide on just one drink, so I got the beer sampler…..simply divine!

Saturday morning was upon us. I got up early, made the coffee and joined my Husband out on the beach to just sit and relax before the day began. Fast forward to show time! The doors opened at 11:30 am. There were a lot of people, both men and women, who attended. There were different vendors that were set up which showcased their products. Ranger Firearms is a woman owned company and they brought different types of holsters as well as purses to carry your firearm. Other vendors included Otto Arms, Guardian Custom Firearm Coating, and HR Custom Holsters. There was a variety of food that everyone snacked on as well as an assortment of drinks.

20160416_170234Heather Burleson started the show with some opening remarks followed by Kelly Switzer of Building Homes for Heroes. The video Kelly shared was just heart touching. It is great to know that there are companies out there helping our service men and women in such wonderful ways!

There was an attorney from US Law Shield Attorney speaking on the topic of Florida statutes. It was very interesting listening to him and everything he had to say. After he spoke, there was about a 15-20 minute break then it was my turn to go up on stage.

My good friend, Justin Anderson was there to introduce me on the stage. I met Justin at CORE Shooting solutions last year when I shot a day match. Justin came to shoot the one day match with his teammate right before he shot the International Sniper competition at Ft. Benning. Jim wound up being their coach at the match and I had “fill in” duties one day with the guys. I had such a great time with them, I even attended the banquet the next evening! Sorry, back to my original story…


This is my “How the heck did I get here” look!

As I was standing there listening to Justin introduce me, I had so many different feelings running through me. I felt proud, I was scared, I was happy, I was nervous, I was excited, I felt sick……..I was having an out of body experience!!! Then all of the sudden, it was my turn to walk up on that stage.

As I was walking onstage, a few ladies that were working the event passed out bags that Hoppes 9 sent to every lady in attendance. It was some great Hoppes cleaner and swag. That was pretty AWESOME! Everyone in the audience was wonderful and inviting. I walked across the stage, thanked Justin and took the microphone. Then……my mouth suddenly became bone dry. “Just great” I kept saying to myself. I didn’t trip walking across the stage, but now my freaking lips are going to stick to my teeth while I try to talk and people are really going to know what a goob I am! I’m sure someone thought “what the heck is wrong with her”.  20160416_140203

I started my speech with letting the audience know that I was a Cubmaster for our local chapter of cubscouts and that my experience public speaking has been only to 20-30 cubscouts and they definitely didn’t look like my little cubs!! And then, I just started telling my story. I talked about my real life experiences in the firearms world, my life today and my love for long range shooting. I talked about CORE Shooting Solutions, which is literally in their backyard. If I lived that close to CORE, I would try and be there once a week or more!! I probably sounded like an infomercial, but CORE is really that spectacular with all the training that they offer including all the different competitions that go on there! I talked about overcoming the negative talk toward me and overcoming the obstacles that sometimes we as females face in a “mans” world. I explained to the ladies, that most competitors in the long range community were extremely nice and were always willing to help you out. I talked about the Precision Rifle Series and what a joy it was to be a part of that series and everyone involved with it. I was able to speak about my sponsors, G.A. Precision and Armageddon Gear. I was proud to announce that I am a Brand Ambassador for Bushnell Tactical and Hoppes 9. Telling “my story” can be a nerve racking. I wasn’t sure if it sounded stupid or if anyone would care.


Talking about my new rifle sponsor GA Precision & Team GAP

Other than the proceeds of the event going to Building Homes for Heroes, the best part for me was having ladies come up to me afterwards telling me how inspired they became. I had some ladies thank me for telling my story. They had questions about shooting competitions, about CORE Shooting facilities and questions about concealed carry. It was truly a remarkable event.

After I finished on stage, there was another break for shopping with the vendors, then the fashion show segment began. It is really great to see how far the firearm industry has come. There were holsters for women that I didn’t realize existed. The industry is really listening to the female population. It is great to know that no matter what outfit I choose, there is a holster I can wear to make sure that I am always protected with my fiream.


A little laugh between Heather and I

Ranger Firearms spoke about safe storage and the negative stereotypes of women and guns. Then an OCSO Crime Prevention officer came to speak about a Home Defense Plan. She was very well spoken and to the point!

At the end of the event, Heather gave her closing remarks and then the raffle began! There were many different items being raffled including 3 different pistols and classes from CORE Shooting Solutions. There were also gift baskets with wine! In the end, everyone had a great time and I hope that Heather plans another one soon. The event raised over $4,550 for Building Homes for Heroes!!

If you would like to more about Building Homes for Heroes, please visit them at

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