Alabama Precision 1 day match

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Photo courtesy of Maxine Nix

I love one day matches!  Why you ask? Well, for starters its a great training day for the bigger PRS matches! Another great advantage of a one day match, is that alot of new shooters come out to play. I love seeing new people getting involved with this sport, men and women. I love seeing the excitement on their face when they hit their targets and just the pure enjoyment of being out on the range. It is just a really great match for everyone involved.

20160820_155824 This past Saturday the hubs and I drove to Birmingham to participate in Jim Saunders & Chuck Liveoaks 1 day match.  There were 77 shooters total for the day with 8 stages at the great place of Brocks GAP Training Center.

We had 3 stages that involved some pistol skills before you advanced on to your rifle.  Sometimes it is great having a little diversity in these long range matches. I know I need to practice more with pistol so I spent the day before in my office dry firing all day! The long range stages that were set up were challenging but fun. One stage in particular had 3 targets lined up at 600 yrds and another 3 targets on hangers at 735 yrds. I dropped 2 at the 735 small target but rang the steel on the rest!

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My Hoppe’s #9 Winners at the match!

I shot with my custom built GA Precision 6Creedmoor, Templar V2 SA with a Bartlein 25″ fluted barrel, Timney Trigger and American Precision Arms Little Bastard G2 brake. All set in a Manners Composite Stocks MCS-EHT GAP elite with Bushnell Elite XRS 4.5-30 on top. I never leave home without my Armageddon Gear Precision Rifle Sling or my Hoppes Range Kit. I do all my own reloads on my RCBS Chargemaster with 6mm Creedmoor Hornady brass, Hodgons H4350 powder and Berger 105gr Hybrids.  All of my kit and gear worked flawlessly. I adore the setup that I have and I am so proud to be representing top notch companies and quality gear.  

Congratulations to John Stimpson for 1st place, Sean Murphy for taking 2nd and John Snead 3rd. I placed 7th overall, High Lady and couldn’t be more proud!!  Thank you again to Jim & Emily Saunders, Chuck Liveoak and gang. To all the ROs that took their time to be there and to all the competitors there, Thank You!!  I would again like to Thank my sponsors GA Precision, Berger Bullets and Armageddon Gear and to the Vista Outdoor brands that I am a Brand Ambassador for: Bushnell Tactical and Hoppe’s #9. These companies are not only top quality brands, but they have the best people in the industry working for them!!  20160820_135319 (1) - Copy


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