Long Range Shooting Experience 2017 at RockCastle


The Long Range Shooting Experience is definitely a match I look forward to every year. Ryan Castle and Scott Satterlee are the match directors of this infamous match. Actually, my first ever match was one that Ryan and Scott put on back in the fall of 2012 in Cookeville TN. I definitely have a fondness for these two and how they run a match. Three years ago, they moved their location to RockCastle Shooting Center in Park City, Kentucky. I have shot this match every year and it just keeps getting better. 2015 I placed 67th (and the first time I ever beat my Husband in a match!), 2016 I placed 56th and 2017 I placed 32nd!!

Another great thing about shooting here is the facility. Everything is on-site. Your rooms, the range, the restaurant and a bar with their own wines!!  RockCastle is a very unique and fun place! Where else can you shoot all day, eat dinner then walk down the hall to your room? I love this place. Plus the atmosphere and the people are wonderful too. Another huge thing I love about matches is the ability to meet new people. I was excited to meet this little cutie Rei Hoang. She has been training and competing in long range matches on the West coast, so it was definitely a welcoming site to see other females out here!  IMG_20170324_204842_272

I was on Squad number 4 with my other teammates from GA Precision:  Bryan Sikes, Tom Fuller, George Gardner and Charles Roberts. Of course I brought along my custom built GA Precision 6mmCreedmoor I named the “Blackwidow”.  I topped off this beauty with none other than my Bushnell Elite XRSii with the G3 reticle. This freaking scope rocked it throughout the whole match. Can we say “love”?!!

I reload my own ammunition using nothing but RCBS equipment. I have been trusting RCBS for a few years now and the equipment has never let me down. I was really excited to use Federal Premium 210 match primers. I noticed my groups were a little tighter and my SD’s improved. There was definitely consistency in using these primers.  Of course, ammo couldn’t be complete without the bullet. I only use Berger Bullets 105gr Hybrid in my 6Creedmoor and lets just say, with this combo, the Blackwidow eats everything alive out there.

The first morning was chilly, so I layered up with my XGO base layers. Day 1 started on the Golf course with my favorite….prairie dog targets! Round count 10, Time 1:45. Prairie Dog 1 – 295yrds, Prairie Dog 2 – 330 yrds, B/C IPSC1 – 765yrds, B/C IPSC2 – 785yrds and 12×20 – 890 yrds. Winds were not really tough at this point but definitely switchy!  I scored 7 out of 10….not bad for first stage jitters and shaking off the dust. Yes, this was my first PRS match of the year.

20170326_104138One fun stage was the Tank Trap….If you don’t own a Reasor/Armageddon Gear GameChanger bag and you ever see these two words (tank trap) in a match book, EXPEDITE shipping on this unique bag!!  Round Count – 10, Time: 1:45, Targets: IPSC 1 – 455yrds, IPSC 2 – 548yrds, IPSC 3 – 652yrds, IPSC 4- 770yrds, IPSC 5 – 925yrds. Attempt each target with 2 rounds then move to next target. You just place the Gamechanger slap in the middle of the Tank Trap, place your rifle on top of the gamechanger then Boom! Instant stability while you shoot!! 6 out of 10 hits wasn’t bad at all!!

This is just a sample of a few of the stages that was in this match. Total stages were 16. Day two required me to wipe down my bolt and use some Hoppe’s Gun medic on it! The wind really got to alot of people the first day. It was crazy switchy out there, plus we had a little bit of rain and mud to contend with on Day 2.

All in all, I was pretty excited how I shot. Keep in mind that in Precision Rifle competitions, there is not a separate division for women. Sure, some matches might recognize a Top Female, but you are just another shooter out there and I love it! Out of around 125 shooters, I placed 32nd. Thanks to Ryan and Scott for yet another great year on a successful match. HUGE Thank You to all the RO’s who selflessly gave their time to be at the match and help make sure it ran smoothly. Another Huge Thanks to all the Sponsors that donated to the prize table!!  Congrats to Matt Brousseau for taking away 1st place. I am proud of all my teammates on GA Precision as they all had great finishes.  Congratulations to our Charles Roberts for his 1st place in Tac Division.  20170326_134656

Thank you to all my sponsors and everything you guys do to help keep me pushing forward!  G.A. Precision, Bushnell, Hoppe’s 9, Armageddon Gear, Berger Bullets, XGO, Federal Premium and RCBS.


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  1. Congrats on your finish, Melissa. Always nice to see you and Jim. I met Rei and her husband at Phil Cashin’s match a couple of weeks ago. Great folks and they traveled quite a ways from their western state home to attend these matches.

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