Oct 02

Unbelievable Bushnell…..Unbelievable!

1463520072000_img_630970Yes I said it…..Unbelievable!!!  So there we were, my Husband and I, on our way to Alabama Precision PRS match in Childersburg Alabama. Just as we were getting into Sylacauga Alabama, smoke started coming out from under the bed of the truck. My Husband thought it might have been oil burning. We were at a red light and the car next to us informed us that something was very wrong with our truck. We both turned to look and black smoke was rolling out heavily from under the bed of the truck. Jim pulled over to access what was going on and started screaming “Get out! The truck is on fire!!”  Jim was tossing all his gear and guns in low lying bushes nearby and I was grabbing my gear and putting it in a pile away from the truck. During all this madness, unknowing to us, a pair of my Bushnell Legend binoculars fell out of my husbands bag into the bushes. These were the Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 8×36 camoflauge binoculars. The fire was put out with no damage to the truck (spare tire caught fire). 20160610_170335

Fast forward two months, countless rain storms and high temperatures, once again we were on a drive to a one day match back in Birmingham Alabama, I pulled in to Sylacauga to the area that my husband tossed all his stuff. You see, he lost 3 boxes of 6.5 Creedmoor loaded ammunition that fateful day. Jim jumps out and started looking through the bushes and found two boxes of ammo. I thought it was funny so I did I post about it on my Facebook page. That evening, one of the firemen (Tim E.) from the Sylacauga fire department saw my post. That same evening when Tim got off work, he went to the location of the truck fire and found the other box of ammo along with my Bushnell Legends. Now, you are probably wondering why I wasn’t looking for these earlier. I upgraded to the Bushnell Legend L Series. Jim was using my older ones, which is why those fell out of his bag.

Tim E. got in touch with me that evening to let me know he found the other box of ammo along with the Bushnell Legends. On our way home, we stopped by the Sylacauga Fire station to retrieve our lost belongings. Tim was telling us that he and few others were surprised that even though the binoculars had been out in the weather for so long, there was no moisture on the inside of the tubes, they still focused and the eyepieces adjusted properly. Essentially, they were surprised that they were still in working order!

When I tell people that I stand behind Bushnell and their products, I’m not just saying it, I really mean it. The Bushnell Legend binoculars are lightweight yet rugged with fully multicoated ED glass lenses, RainGuard Water repellent coating, waterproof, and fogproof. 13907002_1128474593913404_6476841407920688508_n

The Bushnell Legend family binoculars are some of the best binoculars on the market. I use them consistently during my shooting competitions to spot targets, etc. Here are some features of the Bushnell Legend L series (I am in love with mine):

*Magnesium Chassis

*Rainguard HD

*Fully Multicoated Optics

*Phase 3 Prism Coating

*ED Prime Glass

*Locking Diopter Adjustment

*Waterproof and fogproof

So if you are looking for a great pair of binoculars, look for the Bushnell Legend Series family. I promise you, you cannot go wrong with them.  www.bushnell.com   11224098_902278533199679_3184806457525356599_n


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Aug 25

Alabama Precision 1 day match

14089288_499667813540338_3912576466976896312_n - Copy

Photo courtesy of Maxine Nix

I love one day matches!  Why you ask? Well, for starters its a great training day for the bigger PRS matches! Another great advantage of a one day match, is that alot of new shooters come out to play. I love seeing new people getting involved with this sport, men and women. I love seeing the excitement on their face when they hit their targets and just the pure enjoyment of being out on the range. It is just a really great match for everyone involved.

20160820_155824 This past Saturday the hubs and I drove to Birmingham to participate in Jim Saunders & Chuck Liveoaks 1 day match.  There were 77 shooters total for the day with 8 stages at the great place of Brocks GAP Training Center.

We had 3 stages that involved some pistol skills before you advanced on to your rifle.  Sometimes it is great having a little diversity in these long range matches. I know I need to practice more with pistol so I spent the day before in my office dry firing all day! The long range stages that were set up were challenging but fun. One stage in particular had 3 targets lined up at 600 yrds and another 3 targets on hangers at 735 yrds. I dropped 2 at the 735 small target but rang the steel on the rest!

20160820_160727 - Copy

My Hoppe’s #9 Winners at the match!

I shot with my custom built GA Precision 6Creedmoor, Templar V2 SA with a Bartlein 25″ fluted barrel, Timney Trigger and American Precision Arms Little Bastard G2 brake. All set in a Manners Composite Stocks MCS-EHT GAP elite with Bushnell Elite XRS 4.5-30 on top. I never leave home without my Armageddon Gear Precision Rifle Sling or my Hoppes Range Kit. I do all my own reloads on my RCBS Chargemaster with 6mm Creedmoor Hornady brass, Hodgons H4350 powder and Berger 105gr Hybrids.  All of my kit and gear worked flawlessly. I adore the setup that I have and I am so proud to be representing top notch companies and quality gear.  

Congratulations to John Stimpson for 1st place, Sean Murphy for taking 2nd and John Snead 3rd. I placed 7th overall, High Lady and couldn’t be more proud!!  Thank you again to Jim & Emily Saunders, Chuck Liveoak and gang. To all the ROs that took their time to be there and to all the competitors there, Thank You!!  I would again like to Thank my sponsors GA Precision, Berger Bullets and Armageddon Gear and to the Vista Outdoor brands that I am a Brand Ambassador for: Bushnell Tactical and Hoppe’s #9. These companies are not only top quality brands, but they have the best people in the industry working for them!!  20160820_135319 (1) - Copy


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Aug 08

Matches, Ambassador Summit, Sponsors and More…..

AirBrush_20160717084727The past three months have been filled with many events. The month of May was filled with a match every weekend. I traveled to Alabama to shoot a one day match at Alabama Precision, then to Florida to CORE Shooting for the MPA PRS match and then off to Tennessee for the K&M Precision Rifle PRS Match.

June was filled with a couple matches and my Vista Outdoor Ambassador Summit. I traveled to Childersburg Alabama to participate in the Alabama Precision PRS Remington match. 20160610_170858 (1) This was the match where on the way, my Husbands truck caught fire! Somehow the muffler fell on to the spare tire and poof!! When we arrived in Childersburg we had smoke bellowing out from underneath. Luckily for us, when we pulled over (and after tossing out rifles, ammo and everything else), the Nissan dealership employees came running over with a fire extinguisher and got the fire out! We had the opportunity to meet and shake the hands of the local police department and the Childersburg Fire Department. The Alabama Precision PRS match itself was a fun one. For two days we shot in extreme heat. We had a great squad and Bradley Allen took the Win!  As soon as the match was over, I had to jump on a plane and head to Kansas where then I was shuttled off to Missouri for Vista Outdoors Ambassador Summit.20160616_113450 It was great learning more about Bushnell, Hoppes and all the other brands that Vista Outdoor owns. That week was filled with alot of great, indepth information as well as camaraderie with other Ambassadors of the Vista Outdoor brands. We all stayed at the beautiful East Fork Lodge. Mornings were filled with coffee, lectures and product info with the afternoons filled with lots of shooting! 20160613_201049One of the highlights of that trip was the Amish buggy ride. We were treated to a buggy ride to tour the property and the ride itself was nothing short of an adventure. We came upon a hill (quite a few afterwards) and the horses decided they weren’t going to pull all of us up. So myself including John Scoutten and Michael Waddell wound up trekking up the hill ourselves. It was really hilarious!! I really met alot of wonderful people on that trip.

June was also the month that I competed in the Big Dog Steel Precision Rifle Team match in Cookeville TN with none other than my Bossman Tom Fuller of Armageddon Gear and Team GAP/Bushnell teammate. The sun was hot and beating down on us those two days but we wound up placing 14th out of 38 teams.  13254371_10207059182459520_2671012624677702437_n

July gave me a little bit of down time as I vacationed in Florida the first week with my family, but then I was back to training upon arriving at home. Jim and I both competed in CORE Shooting Solutions one day match in mid July where I came in 3rd place.  The month of July ended on a high note for me and my husband, as we both picked up a new sponsor, the coveted Berger Bullets. download (9) I have been shooting the Berger Bullet 105gr Hybrid this past year since I got picked up by GA Precision. I have had nothing but satisfactory performance with it and I am super proud to be representing this company. Have I mentioned how the Blackwidow (the name of my GAP rifle) just loves Berger??  My custom built 6 Creedmoor GA Precision team rifle has the Templar V2 SA with a Manners Composite Stock MCS-EHT GAP elite, Bartlein 25″ fluted barrel with a Timney Trigger and American Precision Arms Little Bastard G2 brake. I have my Bushnell Elite XRS 4.5-30 optic mounted on top and all this beauty is always maintained with Hoppe‘s #9. Though the summer has been super busy, I am going to do a much better job of keeping this blog updated with gear reviews, match reviews and of course, maybe a few coffee reviews!  Until next time……..20160613_082801

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