Springtime in Georgia

My favorite time of the year is Springtime. I love looking out the window and seeing how bright green the trees are becoming and seeing little wild flowers start to come to life.  I love new beginnings and Springtime reminds me of all my new beginnings in life.  I’ve had to “start over” again a time or two in my life.  I have been left with nothing and had to build myself up again both financially and emotionally.  New beginnings are not really all that bad. With every new beginning there is excitement! Look around you.  In this past year, I have had friends and family that have brought a new life into this world.  I have had new co-workers starting a new beginning with a new job. I love new beginnings. As you start your new week, count how many blessing you have and see how many “new beginnings” you can recognize. Who knows, an exciting new beginning may be waiting just for you………

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