Me and my Bushnell Gear

bushgearI have to say that I am impressed with Bushnell. I’ve been shooting for Bushnell for over a year now and they do more and more to awe me with their products. Now part of Vista Outdoor, Bushnell is more than just optics for your rifle.

Like for example, the Bushnell Elite Tactical 1 Mile Arc laser rangefinder. This range finder is one of the coolest I have ever used. It’s fully waterproof and has a Bullseye, Brush & Scan mode. This rangefinder instantly accounts for the angle when calculating distance so you know precisely where to shoot and provides true horizontal distance out to 1000 yards/meters. It also has a feature that provides holdover/bullet drop data in inches, centimeter MOA or MIL. This little piece of equipment is just pure badass.

A perfect product, especially for all the hunters, is the BackTrack GPS.huntrack1 I have the HuntTrack which I just adore. It is simple and easy to use. Let’s take deer hunting for example, before you leave your truck to head out to your deer stand, you simply click the “mark” button and then the GPS will start tracking you. This is perfect for when you’ve been out hunting all day, your deer stand is deep in the woods and you’re not really sure of where exactly you parked. Heck, this device will come in handy in airport parking or even at the mall! Some of the other features of this product is the sunrise/sunset & moon phase. It has a barometer, temperature and weather trend as well as an Animal Activity meter and Predictive Graph. Once you register your device, you can also access this app on your computer which has even more features.

powersyncAnother cool item is the PowerSync Solar Wrap Mini. Coming in at 4.3×1.25 in and 3.1 oz., this is great for Go-Bags, Range bags or purse bags! This solar charging and power storage charges your devices when you’re off the grid. Its durable, flexible solar panels roll up into a small lightweight package. On one side it has a USB port so you can charge anything with this connectivity. There are a few different ways to charge the wrap. You can charge it by wall charge or by the sun. It will charge your phone to 100% as well as other devices. This is just nice to have for those just in case moments.

Last Christmas, I bought my Husband a Bushnell TrophyCam. This small device has just been great. We have picked up great photo’s of deer, coyotes and even some wild pigs. The picture is clear. You can subscribe to the service where when something crosses the camera path, the photo gets sent to you via text, email or even Facebook! If you are a big hunter or even if you suspect you have people snooping around your home, you definitely need this camera.

These are just a few of the many items that Bushnell offers. I know I have talked and reviewed my scope before, but I wanted to share with you more that Bushnell has to offer. Go check them out!1016537_587407324686803_956353628_n

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Long Range Shooting Experience match at Rockcastle


Photo courtesy of Jill Peck Match Photos

The Long Range Shooting Experience (LRSE) match was held at the cool facilities of RockCastle in Kentucky and was the brainchild of three of the sports best match directors and competitors. Ryan Castle, Scott Satterlee and Bryan Morgan. The weekend weather wasn’t too promising so I brought some rain gear and bug spray. From the first step into facility, Misty Morgan had everything planned out to a tee. She is wife of Bryan Morgan, one of the match directors. After Misty got us signed in, we checked into our room which was part of the entry fee. I think this made it part of the cool factor of the match was that all the competitors stayed at the facilities so it was nice to hang out with everyone. I had double duties at the match as I also work for Armageddon Gear and we brought our infamous “Meat Wagon” to the match. We had it loaded down with gear to sell & think we almost sold out on the first day! We had a shooters meeting that evening to go over safety, squads and to answer any general questions.


Photo courtesy of Jill Peck Match Photos

The first day of the match started early at 7 a.m. With Jake in hand, my Ashbury Precision Ordnance 6.5 Creedmoor with Bushnell Elite XRS 4.5-30 ready, we were off. We were squaded with a great group of guys who made the match fun. I always use Hornady 140gr AMAX factory loads in my competitions. They are extremely consistent and I have never had a problem with them. Our squad started on stage “Field Fire 1”. You had 6 IPSC target of varying sizes which must be engaged from close to far. Targets ranged from 423 yrds out to 1064yrds. You had a max of 12 rounds with 2 minutes to complete course of fire (COF). Each stage, you had a generous amount of time to complete COF. I started this match off great. It is such a confidence booster to hear each hit on steel. Since the weather man was calling for some rough weather on Sunday, the match directors decided to push through the day and complete as many stages as possible. One of the most unique, difficult stages was the “Loop Holes”. The scenario was all set up in an old barn. You had a target out at 175 yrds. You had 5 different positions to shoot from with two shots from each position inside the barn. What was really cool about this stage, was that you shot between the boards that make up the exterior of the building. This is an old barn, so just with age and weather, there were spacing between the boards that you were able to shoot through. A really really cool stage. After we shot 4 stages, everyone met back up at the lodge. Our 2nd half of the day was spent on the ridge, which was quite the ride. Luckily we had a 4WD that helped us get there. Mud and tires spinning……ah, what a wonderful day. Once we got to the next 4 stages, you had to literally walk up the side of a mountain (ß-yes, it was a mountain to me). At the top, the stages were all set up in a row on this ridge that overlooked another valley and ridge line. Each stage had its own difficulty and distance. The only thing that really got me on these stages were ticks. I had just jumped down in prone position, had my target in my crosshairs and suddenly felt something crawling up my arm. I glanced down and just about freaked. Two BIG ticks were crawling on my forearm. I’m sure I was making was whimpering sounds as me and bugs just do not get along at all. After I made my shots I flung those ticks off my arm. Honestly, I don’t remember how I did on that stage.


Photo courtesy of Jill Peck Match Photos

Due to bad weather coming in the next day, all the competitors shot another 4 stages that evening which made 12 stages shot on day 1. The last 4 stages included a mover stage and a TYL stage where you shot the large target first on the TYL rack at 457 yrds, then had to stand in an off hand position to engage another target (117 yrds) and once hit, jump back down in prone and shoot the 2nd target on KYL stand and so forth. At the end of day one you can imagine that Jake required a little maintenance. Fortunately, with my new addition of Hoppes #9, I got him oiled in all the right places in anticipation of a very wet next day. I now carry with me in my range bag the Hoppes #9 Universal Field Kit. This little kit is just awesome! LRSE6 Day two started with rain. Luckily we only had 4 stages to complete. I didn’t score well on my first two stages but gained traction back on the Hostage target. I was worried about the glass being fogged in my scope, but with the excellent RainGuard technology that Bushnell uses, I had no fogs or drips to worry about. It was definitely a great match. And yes, the rumors are true, I beat my Husband in this match! Thanks again to the match directors, Ryan Castle, Scott Satterlee Bryan Morgan (and Misty Morgan) for putting on such a smooth running, fun match. Big thanks to the all the R.O.’s who took time out of their weekend to be here. Congrats to Isaac Frank who took the top spot. And big Thank You to my sweet Husband who taught me everything about long range shooting. Huge heartfelt thanks to Ashbury Precision Ordnance, Bushnell Tactical, Hoppes #9, Armageddon Gear, Spuhr mounts, Wiebad bags, and, who all stand behind me and help me become a better shooter.

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2015 Bushnell Brawl hosted by Rifles Only

b1As I left my house early Thursday morning headed for Atlanta to catch my flight to Corpus Christi, Texas, I just couldn’t get warm enough even though I had layers of clothes on with my heavy coat. It was a crisp 27 degrees but felt like -1300 to me. I was looking forward to shooting in warmer weather and well, just looking forward to the warmer weather in general!

As our plane came to a screeching halt in Texas, I looked out over the horizon and noticed dust balls, dust clouds or whatever they call them, kicking up with great speed. Again, I wasn’t paying attention to how windy it was, just so happy the weather was much warmer now than how I left it 6 hours earlier!

Match day got started early at 8 a.m. I had my competition rifle Jake  and all my gear ready to hit the stages. Jake is my custom built Ashbury Precision Ordnance 6.5 Creedmoor that is wrapped in the SuperSport chassis with my Bushnell Elite XRS 4.5-30 scope. I use Hornady 140 gr AMAX for ammo. There was a light breeze and much anticipation in the air with the 120 shooters that were present. I love how Lisa and Jacob Bynum run their match at Rifles Only. Instead of squadding everyone up, they open so many stages at one time and you choose what stage to shoot in what order. There are several pistol stages, so you had to wear your pistol the whole time during the match. My Husband Jim was fortunate to score a spot (last year he was my caddy), so he was right with me every step of the way.jimi Our friends SFC Brandon Green (from the U. S. Army Marksmanship Unit) and Stephanie Payne walked the course with us. We all decided to do the Helicopter stage first and the winds were starting to get a little stronger. This stage is one of the shooter favorites!  Before approaching the helicopter, they put a rigger belt around your waist. When you approach the helicopter, Jacob then attaches you to the safety strap and then places a headset on you. Once you get comfortable with your rifle, off you go. This particular stage required 5 pistol rounds and 16 rifle rounds. Once airborne, the aircraft flew over to a large container (looks like it contains some sort of powder), and you have 2 shots to hit it. Then you get flown to the trench warfare. Your first stage when you land is a pistol stage that you engage 5 rounds. After this you jump down in the trench. You have three different positions that you must shoot from with 3 rifle rounds at each position. Oh and did I mention, you are still on the clock with the helicopter being your “clock”. Once the chopper gets back with the next competitor, your time is up. The trench is no laughing matter. You have to find a good stable position while avoiding the prickly cuckaburrs that stab in your arm all while trying to get your first three shots fired. You must take your mag out and climb through the obstacle in the trench to reach your second shooting position. Again, once your three shots are fired, mag out and you had to climb through a concrete culvert to get to your third position (go ahead and envision the bruises on your knees and shins not to mention the elbows). This is probably one of the funner (yes I made that word up) stages of the match.

The winds kicked alot up by the time I got off the helicopter stage. Kestrel’s were clocking winds up to 38 mph that day. Each stage had its own difficulty and that’s not counting the wind. b3The rooftop stage gave you 5 different angled simulated rooftops to shoot from. This along with 25 mph with your target at 540 yrds is no easy feat. I was fortunate to have a Harris bipod that cants so I could use this feature on the side rooftops. With my Bushnell Elite XRS scope right on target, it made firing the rounds a lot easier by being able to see your trace. For the rest of the day, the wind itself never died down. It stayed variable between 18-35 mph, which made all the stages on top of their own difficulty, well difficult. There were stages with moving targets, and some that had a paper target with 1” dots that you shot weak side off of a barricade at 60 yrds. I utilized my Armageddon Gear sling on the kneeling stage that you had to shoot 5 rounds at 400 yrds. I love this sling because once you get in it comfortably, your in and your rifle is rock solid. And talking about my sling, due to the high winds, on the Net stage you had 5 shooters start from the top each taking a turn. I was proud of myself on this stage. I’m a little afraid of heights. After you shot your 1st rounds, you had the choice to climb over the barricade at the top of the net and climb down the other side, or you could scoot back down the net. Jim was shooting next to me and I went first. After my first rounds were shot, I took my rifle which was still strapped to me by my Armageddon Gear sling, and climbed over. When I started climbing down I looked at Jim and smiled real big and said “I’m actually climbing down”!!

Day one was most challenging with Day 2 being somewhat better when it came to the wind (Day 2 wind was 10-18 mph). The 2nd day wrapped around 3:30 pm with a great Barbecue brisket that was prepared by Lisa Bynums brother. Congratulations to Jim See for placing 1st and all the winners/competitors who competed. Thanks to Bushnell for sponsoring another great match. Thanks goes out to all the sponsors that donated prizes (Especially Patriot Cases which I picked up) and to Lisa and Jacob Bynum for hosting another successful match. HUGE thanks to my sponsors Ashbury Precision Ordnance, Bushnell Tactical, Armageddon Gear, Wiebad, Spuhr mounts, and FrogLube. See you all at the next match!

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